Read Below To Discover How $27 A Month Can Get You Started With Your Own Successful Online Business:

I would like to show you the easiest and most affordable way to have a fully functioning, internet marketing business that you can be earning from in just two weeks from now.

I am also talking no start up setup fees (minus the cost of this course) until your business is in profit. Then I will show you where you need to invest and why so many people are throwing money down the drain on worthless products and services.

I have designed "The Affordable Internet Marketing Course" so it also appeals to those starting from scratch. It is also based on exactly what I would do if I was starting again with no list, no money, no hosting and most importantly no business contacts.

From The Desk Of: Samantha Milner,

DSM Publishing Samantha Milner

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you are looking for a step by step internet marketing course for starting and running your own successful internet marketing business then you have come to the right place. You now have the opportunity to watch over my shoulder as I show you over the next 12 months how to plan, set up and run your own online business.

This is from start to finish so that you can then follow the modules time and time again and make the most out of what you have learnt.

I have been making money online for several years and this is your chance to turn my knowledge and information into your own work from home business.

And if I was to sum up what The Affordable Internet Marketing Course means I would say:

affordable internet marketing course

You also have the option to learn at whatever pace you wish and you will get a full education in internet marketing. Not just one where you attend a seminar and then realise something vital that you wanted to learn is missing.

I have covered the whole kitchen sink in these modules and all 52 modules are action packed with everything that you need to learn. So that you can go off and implement it before you next module arrives in the inbox.

There is also no time set in stone for completing each module. You would accomplish one module before you take on the next. Some modules may take you three weeks, whereas others you may well complete in 2 days. This then gives you the opportunity to set your own pace.

successful internet marketing business

But good news is finally here. I am going to solve every single one of these problem areas as they're all covered plus many more in the Affordable Internet Marketing Course.

That's the best way to describe this course, it is the closest course you will ever get to mentoring. For what we cover in this course we charge more than fifteen times this amount to private coaching clients. And for many of you this makes mentoring affordable, or for the rest of you it is much cheaper!

I sure I really don't have to bore you with information about the recession......

Because I am sure that you are only too aware of it. Every time you turn on the news or listen to the radio and it really makes a lot of us think twice about our financial security.

If like many people you work for an employer there could be that real need to self finance your own income. Just in case one day your boss decides that you are too expensive and lets you go and then you are suddenly jobless with no hope of feeding yourself or your family. And the worst thing is that your employer will have forgotten about you by the following day.

Alternatively you may have been working for the same person for the last decade without a single pay rise or promotion and feeling pretty worthless. The biggest benefit of The Affordable Internet Marketing Course is that you can create multiple streams of income and give yourself a pay rise whenever you feel like it!

In The Affordable Internet Marketing Course I want to show you what actually works. No theory just fact based on what I have done in my own businesses. When you read through the different modules you will know exactly what works so that you can then go off and implement it. Most importantly I am going to show you how real internet marketers do things.

If you have ever suffered from information overload and haven't got a clue of what works and what doesn't. Then this is the moment when I take away the guess work and turn you into a successful marketer.

internet marketing course

This is just a small selection of what I will teach you. This is also a summary of a few of the things I will be showing you in the first six modules of the course. So there is much more to come as the weeks progress.

You are also in complete control - you can follow it on a weekly basis with a module a week like recommended or move at a smaller pace if you are working full time and don't want to quit your job straight away.

Whenever I look at internet marketing products that much of it is based on theory and very little is based on practical experience. Internet marketers re-write PLR without even trying the products or they simply follow the trends and hope for the best. And that's why so many newbie's fail to follow courses.

The Affordable Internet Marketing Course is my forth internet marketing course and is straight forward and easy to understand modules based on eight years as a full time internet marketer.

I am really not a fan of hype and I just hate all the rubbish that you don't need that appears in practically every sales page that I visit. Not to mention the annoying videos that start up on their own at full volume that have you jumping out of your skin! Or the way you see 10 testimonials before you even read the facts about the product.

Its also just as bad when you read an ebook and it takes you 30 pages of reading before you get to the meaty information. What we have done is make sure there is no hype and that you are diving straight into the meat without being drowned by gravy.

Each week you will get a new module and you will learn something new to implement in your growing online business. It is easy to learn modules that will have you at a steady pace without information overload.

Every module is also written in easy to follow PDF's so that it is easy for you to then put into action.

Here is what is covered in the modules:

There is so much included it would take a week to list everything so above is a taster of what's to come. With many internet marketing products it is always a case of where to start. There never seems to be clear steps to follow and that's where The Affordable Internet Marketing Course comes into play.

You start with module one and work your way through them at your own pace. And as soon as you start reading, you are then learning and building your online business. I will teach you how to think outside of the internet marketing box so that you can build up your own online business.

What if you never needed to sign up for another hyped up internet marketing product again? Remember at the end of the day the choice is yours. And I am serious when I say I want to help people like you create a successful online business.

For the incredible and affordable price below you can get to see what I do, how I do it and why I do it. Plus if you were a coaching client the same material would cost you over $600 a month.

The first fee will be for $27 followed by a further 11 recurring payments of $27 over the next 12 months and you can cancel at any time.

Alternatively you can make a one off payment of $147.00 and secure a 55% discount and have no recurring fees to pay and your modules will arrive in your inbox every 7 days.

add to cart

add to cart

You will get instant access to module one straight away for $27 so that you can see instantly that my course is totally different from anything you have seen on the internet before. You will also receive another three modules before the next $27 recurring payment is due.

You are about to learn everything I know about internet marketing and when I learn new things you will learn new things too.

All subscribers will receive lifetime updates on the course material. So if someone becomes irrelevant in six months time it will be replaced with new current information at no extra cost.

I look forward to teaching you my wealth of internet marketing knowledge.

To your online success

DSM Publishing Samantha Milner

Samantha Milner

PS: This is your chance to finally conquer internet marketing!

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